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Name:The intersection of fibre arts and mathematics
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Mathematics goes soft and squishy with yarn, fibre and fabric
Are you tired of other people assuming that because you enjoy yarn or fibre crafts, you have no interest in mathematics? Have you knit a moebius strip scarf? Crocheted a hyperbolic plane? Based a patchwork quilt on wallpaper groups, penrose tilings, or the tesselations of M.C. Escher? Embroidered a fractal?

You should feel right at home here.

We'd like to see your projects, in progress or completed. Also discussions about potential projects, or what kinds of mathematics specific techniques might be useful for, or how a particular kind of mathematics might best be implemented in yarn or fibre. You may also wish to share links to other people's work in this area, or review books or other useful resources.

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applique, archimedean solids, bobbin lace, cable knitting, calculus, cellular automata, combinatorics, crochet, daina taimina, debbie new, dressmaking, elliptic geometry, embroidery, exponential growth, fabric, felting, feminism, fiber, fibonnaci sequence, fibre, fractals, frieze groups, geometry, graph theory, group theory, hilbert curves, hyperbolic geometry, jinny beyer, klein bottles, knitting, knot theory, knotwork, lace, latin squares, lindenmayer systems, logic, m.c. escher, macrame, margaret wertheim, math, mathematics, maths, moebius strips, non-euclidean geometry, patchwork, pattern, pattern drafting, plaiting, platonic solids, polygons, polyhedra, probability, quilting, recursion, saddle points, sewing, sierpinski triangles, spinning, statistics, symmetry, tailoring, tatting, temari, tesselations, textiles, the institute for figuring, tilings, topology, wallpaper groups, weaving, yarn
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