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Here is a dump of my "Mathematical Knitting and Crochet" bookmarks. Included are patterns, galleries, articles, sites, tools, and general discussions of patterns that can be used in knitting and crochet.

Crocheted Möbius Scarf Instructions:

Knitted Möbius

Knitted Mobius Scarf, Klein Bottle, and Klein Bottle Hat:

Woolly Thoughts:
This entire site is worth exploring. There are a number of books and pamphlets available describing mathematical designs to knit or crochet in pillows, scarves, shawls, and afghans. The creators of this site also wrote No Pattern Knits, which uses some mathematical techniques.

Priscilla's Probability Pullover:
Cabled sweater designed with the use of a die

Fibonacci Sequence:
Ways of using the Fibonacci sequence in your knitting

Homemade Topological Shapes:
Mobius Strip, Klein Bottle, and Real Projective Plane

Mobius Knitting:
Explores several methods

Crocheting the Hyperbolic Plane:

Crocheting the Hyperbolic Plane: An Interview with David Henderson and Daina Taimina

Crocheting the Lorenz manifold:

The Home of Mathematical Knitting (sarah-marie's mathematical knitting pages):
Möbius bands, Projective Planes, Klein bottles, Other Nonorientable Surfaces, Orientable surfaces, Hyperbolic plane, S3 scarf, Mini-braids. Also has links to more sites, both knitting and other fiber arts

Sierpinski Variations
Includes pattern for crocheted hat and a gallery of other crocheted Sierpinski triangles

Fractal Crochet:

The Institute for Figuring Gallery of Crocheted Hyperbolic Models:
With lots of links to other similar stuff

The Institute for Figuring Crochet Coral Reef Project:
Think that only Dale Chihuly can create beautiful artsy seascapes? Think again!

Crafting Geometry (Craft Magazine article - pdf):

Random Stripe Generator:

Cellular Automaton Knitting with Perl:

Tesselated Fish Pattern:
Here's a picture of something like it:

Kimberley Chapman's Knitting: Baby's First DNA Model:
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