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I was so excited to find recycled sari yarn on eBay. It arrived and I pulled out the skeins, lined them up and petted them. However, I'd read about how this yarn tends to have a musty smell so when I caught a whiff, I wasn't too concerned. The advice was to spritz it a few times with Febreze. Be prepared for this if you want to work with this yarn. It smells like it has been sitting in the moldiest, mustiest, darkest, dankest corner of my grandmother's basement for the last 10 years and that is after I've soaked it with fabric freshener multiple times. I've even soaked a hank in water and dishwashing soap and it is hanging to dry. It didn't help. There goes my vision of sitting in a coffee shop, knitting while people exclaim over the loveliness of the yarn while I show them sketches of my geometric wall hanging that I'm creating. So sad. I'm going to have to do a sniff test on the swatch I knit up as well as figuring out the gauge.

Has anybody else worked with this yarn? I've heard it's a tough one but I love how it knits up and the colors are so gorgeous that I want to figure out how to make it work.

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