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I've been neglecting this community, but I'll try to get back to it. Starting with links to other people's stuff.

Here's a clever pattern for a tetrahedral coin purse made from a zipper and a ribbon. You can unzip it completely so you just have a ribbon with a zip sewn (rather oddly of course) around it.
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Le Laboratoire and the Harvard University Graduate School of Design are pleased to sponsor an exhibition by Argentine artist and architect Ciro Najle, a frequent design critic at the GSD, entitled cummulus. From 2007 to 2010, Najle worked alongside engineers, scientists, and water experts in Chile to design fog-collecting nets. Informed by this research, his complex cloudlike installation was developed using computer-numerical technology and constructed using crochet, a material ideally suited to forming complex topologies. cummulus, the moving aesthetic outcome of Najle’s creative engagement with the issues of water access and the atmosphere, was first exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver in 2010/2011. The opening for the public is on Friday October 7, 2011.
Slideshow at link.
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I don't knit so I got a bit tangled up in the description but it seems pretty interesting
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[personal profile] aunty_marion has knitted a Moebius scarf and has helpful pictures of how practical a scarf-shape it really is. Leave any comments there, so she can respond.
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Vonda McIntyre describes how she does hyberbolic crochet and beadwork here and here.

(I do my own hyperbolic crochet a different way, and I may even make a post describing how, one of these days, but I thought the community needed a bit more life. And I support every and all ways of constructing hyperbolic surfaces.)
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Disclaimer: I don't crochet. I'm a quilter. But I was websurfing and came across this link for making your own Borromean rings and I thought some of you might appreciate it.

I have to say that that website looks like fun and I'm going to be poking around there too.
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Finally, I have a place to share cool articles like this one - Math and yarn - and have the people I share it with actually care.
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I was so excited to find recycled sari yarn on eBay. It arrived and I pulled out the skeins, lined them up and petted them. However, I'd read about how this yarn tends to have a musty smell so when I caught a whiff, I wasn't too concerned. The advice was to spritz it a few times with Febreze. Be prepared for this if you want to work with this yarn. It smells like it has been sitting in the moldiest, mustiest, darkest, dankest corner of my grandmother's basement for the last 10 years and that is after I've soaked it with fabric freshener multiple times. I've even soaked a hank in water and dishwashing soap and it is hanging to dry. It didn't help. There goes my vision of sitting in a coffee shop, knitting while people exclaim over the loveliness of the yarn while I show them sketches of my geometric wall hanging that I'm creating. So sad. I'm going to have to do a sniff test on the swatch I knit up as well as figuring out the gauge.

Has anybody else worked with this yarn? I've heard it's a tough one but I love how it knits up and the colors are so gorgeous that I want to figure out how to make it work.

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As soon as I figured out I wanted to start this community, I knew the first item I wanted to posted about: the first thing I ever made that combines maths and textiles.

Meet my icosahedral pincushion )
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Am starting my first modular knit mitered squares project -- juet a scarf. With Noro Silk Garden Lite in what I can only call cotton candy (albeit colours I've never eaten). The head-spinning joy of a line that turns into a square -- and would turn into a triangle were I to move the increases! I am delirious.

Have you mitered squares? Was it trippy?
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Klein bottle hat instructions I made a few years ago Requires remarkably little skill or money, own the downside it looks pretty dorky :)
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Here is a dump of my "Mathematical Knitting and Crochet" bookmarks. Included are patterns, galleries, articles, sites, tools, and general discussions of patterns that can be used in knitting and crochet.

Crocheted Möbius Scarf Instructions:

Knitted Möbius

Knitted Mobius Scarf, Klein Bottle, and Klein Bottle Hat:

Woolly Thoughts:
This entire site is worth exploring. There are a number of books and pamphlets available describing mathematical designs to knit or crochet in pillows, scarves, shawls, and afghans. The creators of this site also wrote No Pattern Knits, which uses some mathematical techniques.

Priscilla's Probability Pullover:
Cabled sweater designed with the use of a die

Fibonacci Sequence:
Ways of using the Fibonacci sequence in your knitting

Homemade Topological Shapes:
Mobius Strip, Klein Bottle, and Real Projective Plane

Mobius Knitting:
Explores several methods

Crocheting the Hyperbolic Plane:

Crocheting the Hyperbolic Plane: An Interview with David Henderson and Daina Taimina

Crocheting the Lorenz manifold:

The Home of Mathematical Knitting (sarah-marie's mathematical knitting pages):
Möbius bands, Projective Planes, Klein bottles, Other Nonorientable Surfaces, Orientable surfaces, Hyperbolic plane, S3 scarf, Mini-braids. Also has links to more sites, both knitting and other fiber arts

Sierpinski Variations
Includes pattern for crocheted hat and a gallery of other crocheted Sierpinski triangles

Fractal Crochet:

The Institute for Figuring Gallery of Crocheted Hyperbolic Models:
With lots of links to other similar stuff

The Institute for Figuring Crochet Coral Reef Project:
Think that only Dale Chihuly can create beautiful artsy seascapes? Think again!

Crafting Geometry (Craft Magazine article - pdf):

Random Stripe Generator:

Cellular Automaton Knitting with Perl:

Tesselated Fish Pattern:
Here's a picture of something like it:

Kimberley Chapman's Knitting: Baby's First DNA Model:
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Welcome to [community profile] intertwined!

I've been combining mathematics and yarn and fibre crafts for as long as I've been doing either, pretty much. They seem like a very natural match to me, and I always find it a bit strange when people treat them as incompatible. I guess mathematics is seen in our culture as very male, and most people think of physics and engineering as the major "users" of mathematics, and these two university disciplines have the highest ratio of male to female students. Conversely, knitting, crochet, lace-making, sewing, quiltmaking and so forth are "feminine" and often treated as trivial and insignificant crafts that couldn't possibly be intellectually challenging. I'd like to find some kindred spirits, and share the joy of mathematical fibre crafts.

Feel free to tell a bit about yourself in comments.
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